Make your building look as good as possible before putting it on the Market. Seemingly superficial aesthetic touches can make a surprising difference in real estate. Clean up the lot, mow and trim any lawns and hedges, have the windows professionally cleaned and remove any graffiti. All of these touches will show that you care about your building and make it more likely to attract buyers.Issues to consider:

  • Commercial Lease Agreement (If Tenanted)
  • Details & Amount of Most Current Outgoings, payment of all the building insurance, rates, land tax and other charges.
  • Details of Inclusions and/or Exclusions
  • Contract for the sale of land
  • Conveyancer or Solicitor

Upon you agreeing with your prospective buyer or buyers on selling price and terms & conditions;

To avoid any problems arising in the future, it is important that you obtain legal advice prior to entering into a formal Sale Contract so that you clearly understand your sale obligations and your conveyancer or solicitor can make sure all legal requirements are met.

“Getting a Property Sale Price“