Here is how you start:

    • Register as a User at

Use the easy Registration panel and use the “GUIDE” menu.

    • Determine the Right Property Selling Price.

Use our “FREE” recent Residential Property Sales Data records of your area, if available. You can also, if you wish, buy an independent professional valuation report for advanced data. Once you have an unbiased evaluation of the market value of your property, you then can determine your property Sale Price.

    • Choose the Service Option you decide is best for you.

Use our Guides and sales aids to help prepare your listing.

    • Get Your Property Inspection Ready

Clean, super tidy and minor maintenance complete, with help from to help you do this.

    • Photographs of Your Property

Use your own camera and upload or have we can help refer a professional photographer for best results.

    • Compose and Print Brochures

Use your advertisement as the basis of a brochure using PDF software. You can print or use a local printer for a really professional look.

    • Inspection by Your Enquiries

With brochures ready, have outgoings detailed, such as rates, and a description of local amenities, e.g., libraries, schools, parks, etc. For those inspecting, take names and contact details of all who come and make sure a family member or friend is there at all times. “No Fuss or Hurry” – let buyers be relaxed.

    • Buyer Negotiation

Use the guide that provides. Remember, the buyer may like your house as much as you do so use this friendly atmosphere to lead to a sensible conclusion on agreed sale price, without an Agent meddling between you both.

    • Closing the Sale

Make it easy for the buyer to pay their 10% deposit by having the solicitor or conveyancer ready to receive it into their Trust Account. This confirms to the buyer you have done thorough preparation and gives them confidence. Keep in touch with the buyer to ensure they know settlement time and talk to for specific assistance.

    • Settlement Party

Time to party when the contracts are exchanged, the settlement cheque is given to you and the sale has been done – by you, without an Agent and without their Commission.